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Friday, July 24, 2009

24 JULY 1649

Had an uber-productive super awesome day. I got tons of stuff done at work and was really really busy. Things went really well. When I walked in to work today I saw another package there for me. It was my birthday present from Mom H and it rocks!!! It was really really heavy. Mom sent me: a wonderful birthday card, 5 gift cards for timmies, A national enquirer, US weekly, a book called Gypsy, a pomegranate candle that I wish I could light but I can't. It still smells good though!, food cream (pedicure in a minute), a big container of body wash, 2 gorgeous nail polishes, Nail polish remover pads, a pack of crystal light singles, a Calgon bath set with a body lotion, body wash, body mist and loofah, and a University Medical Acne Free clear skin treatments skin care set. I really hope it works because my face is a total breakout. Thank you so much Mom.

I love love love everything.

I also received a letter from Rita Spence with 2 maple sugar suckers and a pin that says I love prairie people. I also received a birthday card from Grandma Edith. Was super great!!

Finished work just after 1600 and then walked home and now I am blogging. I got a huge paper cut opening up the card from Mom today. crazy crazy.

Last night I had fun playing with my scrapbook stuff.

Love Rae-Lynn

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