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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

07 JULY 1426


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER RICHARD!!! My nephew is now 15 years old!!!!

Yesterday was a really really really hard day for me.

Normally I go over to the messhall and bring my lunch back to work and
eat it at my desk in case something happens. Yesterday I waited till all
the flying I needed to track and then went to lunch and decided to eat
there since I was way ahead in my work. When I came back to work, I
found out that one of our Canadian Griffins had crashed. It was a very
stressful time but I managed to do a really good job even though I was
very upset about what had happened. As an aviator especially this was a
really tough thing for me. I am not going to go into details at this
time but it was horrible. I was emotionally exhausted after my shift
and had a good cry about it in my tent. Needless to say there was a
comms lockdown so I couldn't blog last night. I vegged a bit and
watched an episode of criminal minds and then decided to go to the gym.
I did 48 minutes on the bike for 840 calories burnt and 5.04 miles/kms.
It was a really good workout. Then I grabbed a shower and hung out in my
room all night watching criminal minds. I didn't even go to supper. I
ate a mini-bag of chips that Paul sent and a pop-tart. Then at 2230 I
was able to have a quick visit with Mark at the boardwalk. Was nice to
hang out with a friend after such a crappy day.
G3 came over before my shift was over and said "Good job Rae-Lynn". I
was very good at handling all of the inputs and keeping everyone in the
loop about what was happening. This has been a rough week already.
First with the IED strike on 99er's tac the other day and then this. I
was also sad to hear that a soldier that was injured in an IED strike on
June 23rd (the day Cpl Dube died), has also passed away in Canada due to
his injuries. RIP.

That's all I have for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, just read about the crash over my breakfast and was thinking about you....although I have had much time to comment, I've been reading the blog everyday. Sounds like you're doing great over there! Hope the time flies between now and your HLTA :-)