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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14 July 2119

Had a great day. Didn't sleep very well but slept alright. Got up showered, went to breakfast and then to work. There was a package there from Paul which was awesome. It was an anniversary card and a birthday card as well as a DVD of about 1 hour of video footage of Logan from June. It was so awesome. I can't believe all the stuff he can do. It was really really great. I am so happy that it got here on my birthday as well.

There was also a card that my WO bought me and had everyone I work with sign. It was great as well. My Little Pony. Very nice, and he also gave me a 2 GB jump drive with some music on it. Was very thoughtful of him.

Thank you to everyone who either emailed me, sent me cards, and wrote on my facebook. I love you all very much and it means alot that you took the time.

After work, I came home and checked my email and then went to the gym and did 69 minutes on the bike. My butt was sore after that. Burnt 1140 calories and did 8.2 miles/km's. I read my book. I love the book. It is really good!

Was really hot here today. I didn't feel good for a bit of the day. Not sure what was wrong. Maybe just the heat.

Tonight I had subway at 2000 for supper with my friend Mark. Was good but they were out of lettuce, and tomato. I had the oven roasted chicken breast with just pickles and jalapeno. And the jalapeno was gross so I took them off. Was good though.

I hope Colleen and Rebecca had awesome birthdays yesterday.

Love Rae-Lynn

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