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Friday, July 10, 2009

10 JULY 2206

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA-LYNN! Even though I am sure she doesn't read my blog. Rita-Lynn is my dear cousin Winnipeg.

Had a great day today. Was crazy busy at work but it was awesome. I figured out a mystery!! Work was really great actually except for my turnover with my WO. He has been in a weird funk every since the helicopter crash and has just been very negative. I asked him why so negative and he said I was being a bitch. Nice eh?? I asked him if he would ever say that to another captain "That they are being a dick", then he gets all ridiculous and is like "I don't want to talk about it". Really immature and unprofessional. Good times!!! But that didn't bother me too much, I left at 1555, and walked home. I vegged on the internet for about an hour and then I brought out my stuff and made some cards till 2030. Was alot of fun, while I was watching a movie, State of Play. I tried to watch "knowing" but it wasn't working so may have to return it if I ever get to go to the market again. Then I did the laundry run, and then went to the gym. I wasn't using the recumbent bike I like because they were all busy. I did 35 minutes for 8.78 miles/km and only 251 calories. Not sure if the calories were so low because it didn't ask for my weight or what, oh well!

Didn't bother with supper and I'm not that hungry so guess I don't need the food that much. Tomorrow is day 75 in theatre and day 80 away from home. Can't wait till August!!!

Gonna go to mass tomorrow night and then hopefully video chat with Paul and Logan afterwards!!!

No market for me, sucks that I have to miss it all the time because of work, but I love the dayshift. I really really do!!! It is so fulfilling and perfectly suits me.

Love Rae-Lynn

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