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Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 July 2205

Happy July 4th to all of my American Friends.

I had a pretty good but busy day.

Morning routine was normal. Work was fast paced most of the day. I stayed at work an hour late so Paul could go to the ramp ceremony for our recent lost comrade. RIP. Was very sad.

I got a tonne of stuff accomplished today. Then I left work after 1700 or so and came home, got ready to go to the gym. Some how I didn't get there till 1800 and then I did 42 minutes on the elliptical on level 9 and burnt 660 calories and did 4.07 mile/km.

I had a wonderful video chat with Paul and Logan today. He is such a cutie. He says one two three now. Logan and Paul joined Gill for a swim at Barb's yesterday. Man I miss those maternity leave swims at Barb's.

Then after my workout I had a shower and then got ready for bingo. I met up with Roxie and Colin at Timmies. I grabbed a bagel and we headed to new canada house for bingo and they made me power walk it and when we got there it was cancelled due to renos. Sucked big time. So we walked back and then we hoped to catch a concert but it happened earlier somewhere else. Oh well. So then I called Paul quickly and talked to my Dad and then gave Granny R a quick call. She is doing well and was happy to hear from me.

Then I had the video chat which was nice.

Logan is gowing so fast. I can't wait to see them. A month and 20 days to go till I see them again!! I hope it goes by fast.

Love Rae-Lynn

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