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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 69 5 July 2009 2040

Had a great day. Morning as per normal. Not that crazy busy of a day. I accomplished alot of extra stuff and still rocked my shift!! Finished at 1600 and headed home. I dawdled a bit online and rested and then headed to the gym at 1720. I did a 25 minute power workout on the elliptical on level 15. I burnt 404 calories and did 2 miles/kms. I sweat a tonne. Then I rushed to shower and head over to the french cafe for my free supper out with the air wing. I just had a mango smoothie and a baguette. Was good. Then I had to go to work for our professional development. I ended up saving the day because last week we were supposed to have a chinook and a griffin presentation. Only the chinook guy came last week and I thought that was all we were gonna get. Then a Maj from the helo sqn called over to see if we still wanted the griffin presentation. I asked G3 and he said sure since he didn't have anything previously arranged. A Capt came over and did a great presentation. I thought it was awesome. G3 thanked me for saving his butt!! Then I walked once around the boardwalk to see if anyone was still there for supper. No one was there so I came home and went online. I did some cards up to send to people for my packages that I received. The awesome thing was that when I was there for PD, there was a birthday card there for me from Grandma Richard!!! Was awesome.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn. Gonna watch an episode of criminal minds and relax before bedtime.

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