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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21 JULY 2217

Had an okay day. The Americans flying for us managed to stay on the proper routing and most of the time said what they were doing so that was nice for a change.

Dad flew home to Manitoba this morning. Logan is sure gonna miss him. Paul too for that matter.

Stayed at work till 1625 or so. I felt like crap at the end. Lightheaded, headache. I begged Jeff for a ride home and he finally agreed. I was worried that I would fall on my face again. It was really warm in the HQ today. He gave me a ride home and then I just chilled out in my room in the airconditioning relaxing. Then at 2000 I went to do the laundry exchange and then went to the mess to grab some supper since I was starving. Then I went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the bike and started my new book that Rolly & Robyn sent me. The tenth circle. It is by the same author as "my sister's keeper" so it should be a good book. So far so good. I got 30 some pages in to it. Sweat a tonne and then grabbed a quick shower.

Now I am blogging and then going to bed. Tired... Pattie should be back tomorrow from her holiday. Then Sven leaves next.

We had ice cream at work. It was awesome. I had the twix ice cream bar and it was amazing!!!!

Holmes on holmes sent over sweat socks for us all. They were mens socks so I didn't bother getting a pair. Was nice of him!!

I really hope we get mail tomorrow. If we do it will be awesome!!!

Mom H sent me a package for my birthday and I have the stuff I ordered from the scrapbook store coming as well!!!

Love Rae-Lynn 85 days down (90 days since I left home) I home to be home in Comox on day 208 or day 213 away!!! I am almost half way done my tour. I got here April 28th and I am almost complete 3 months. crazy crazy. It is going super fast at times and super slow at other times.

Watched some criminal minds tonight. Disk 7 of season 3 won't play properly. Not sure if there is a problem with the disk or my dvd player. I think the disk.

Okay goodnight

Love Rae-Lynn again....

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