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Friday, July 17, 2009

17 July 2217


Dad turns 66 today! He is spending it in Comox with Logan and Paul!!! I hope he has a great day.

I had a better day than yesterday. It went pretty quick and then I walked home. Thank goodness the airconditioning was fixed when I got home from work. Yahoo. Then I did some sudoku and took a tiny nap before I went to the ramp ceremony. After that, I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the mess and chatted with one of the Majors that I talk to on the phone alot thru the course of my job. Then I walked home, changed, and went to the gym and did 40 minutes on the bike for 4.23 and 706 calories. I read my book which I am really enjoying.

I may get to go the market tomorrow for a tiny bit. Maybe an hour or so with the walking to and from. My WO has said he will pop in and man the desk for me so I hope that pans out. I have a video to return that doesn't work, and I want to check if they have "my sister's keeper". If yes, I will pick one up for Rolly & Robyn as well since they sent me the book and want to see the movie!! I also want to see if they have some other ones that I want to see.

Today was day 81 since I have been here and day 86 since I have seen my husband and son in person. Thank goodness I get to see them every weekend on the webcam. Has been nice seeing my Dad as well and Mom H when she was out visiting.

Paul is having some crappy days at work. I love how "unsupportive" they are being given the fact that I am deployed. It blows my mind.

Can't wait till day 120 when I see Paul and Logan again!!!

I hope this time blows by till I get to hold them in my arms again.

Love Rae-Lynn

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