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Saturday, July 11, 2009

11 JULY 2130

\Had a pretty good day. I felt tired throughout. Probably because I woke up at 0400 or so and thought that I had overslept. I ended up getting up at 0600. Long week must be catching up with me. The new guy moved out last night so that was awesome. Work wasn't too busy today although at times was quite hectic. Was really hot today which seems to be the norm now.

Finished work at 1600 and walked home. Check my email and played on the net for a little and then took a nap. I was bagged. I think I went to sleep at 1720 or so and got up at 1815. I went to the gym and did 54 minutes on the elliptical for 5.51 miles and 915 calories. Was a good workout. Then I had a quick shower and then went to church. I didn't hear Father correctly when he was asking for volunteers and I volunteered to do the prayers of the faithfull. When I got the sheet all I saw was french and I was like, oh no, its french and he said it's bilingual. There was 6 and 3 were french and 3 were english. I did alright. LOL. After mass I went to the mess and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then walked home. I took a paper cup from the mess so now I am enjoying a cup of non-alcoholic red wine. It is quite tasty. I bought it for $3.50 at the Canadian sea can on the boardwalk a few days ago.

That's all for now.

Love Rae-Lynn

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