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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8 JULY 2009 2140

Today I got up at 0530, something woke me up so I got up because Paul sent me a message yesterday that he wanted to talk to me. I went over to the gym to weigh myself since I haven't been able to weight myself except at night and the weight is skewed later in the day. I was 198 so I was happy. 20.5 lbs down!!!! Going well. Clothes are getting baggier and baggier. Then I called Paul and we had a good half hour chat. Logan was playing around int he background. Dad is doing well having a blast with Paul and Logan. I am told they made it out golfing together already once and Paul went fishing on Sunday and caught 2 rainbow fish. The new fridge is there and is awesome! Thanx Mom H. Then the routine was as per normal except I was sooooo insanely busy. I was busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. I was seriously multi-tasking like 15 different things at once and sorting out a huge screw up the someone made. I fixed it all and was tracking so much stuff. It was also retarded hot here today. Yesterday I heard 55 in the sun and 45 in the shade. It has been so hot yesterday and today that my eye balls feel like they are boiling when I am outside. Someone either came up with the same idea as me or took my idea and put a cover over that scorching hot doorknob that always burns my hand. Was great!!! Finally made it over to the mess at 1330 to grab my lunch and walk back to eat it at my desk. Was so happy to see the WO at 1530 so I could start my turnover. I was totally spent. I left work at 1615 and then walked home, I vegged on the net till 1730 and then lay down to rest a bit. I guess I crashed hard. I didn't wake up till 1930. Then I got ready to go to the gym. I was using the port a potty and someone reefed on the door and it opened. It was a chinese guy. I was like, what the f**K. and I finally got the door shut and locked again. Then I got dressed for the gym. I did a 47 minute workout on level 10 or 11 on the bike. I burnt 801 calories for 4.73 miles/km. Was a good workout. I sweat a tonne. Then I grabbed a quick shower, and then I gave my Dad a quick call to see how things were going. There was a random power bump during the call so we got disconnected. I was unable to reconnect. I sent Paul an email to let my Dad know. Lynn, if you get this, please give Dad a call and let him know things are cool and explain what happened.

Then I came back to my room and now I'm doing my blog and watching an episode of criminal minds. Man I love that show. I am on the 3rd season already!!!

I found out some good int on the mail system. Apparently at the american post office they have priority boxes with a price no matter what you put in. I'll have to recce it tomorrow.

Man I miss Logan tons. Dad said that Logan was carrying my picture around yesterday kissing it. I feel so bad that he misses me soooo much. Will be hard to come back here after my 18 days with them in August/September.

I am glad that Paul had Mom there for a visit and then now that Dad is there as well. It is a nice break for Paul since it is really hard being a single parent.

I really miss the summer good times at home but I am glad that I am using this time to get healthier and lose weight.

I hope I can get down to 170 lbs at least before I get home. Sucks that Paul was right. When I did herbal magic the other time I lost 48 lbs before I got pregnant and he was always like, the gym is free it works too. And it is actually working here so I guess I have to make more time for it and make it a priority. Also sucks that I am missing Merritt this year. Kenny Chesney, Paul Brandt. Man, I would have loved it. Oh well.

There is something weird going on with my left foot. The middle of it is all dry and sore like it got punctured with something. I'll keep putting lotion on it and hope it gets better.

Love Rae-Lynn

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing awesome with all the workouts! Maybe I need to go on a tour to get my butt in gear and back into workout mode! Life just always seems to intervene and it so hard to make it a habit/priority.

I think you're inspired me to throw my workout gear in my bag and go for a run at lunch :-) Thanks girl!