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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 June 2249

Stayed up till 0100 last night. I was checking my Oscar Dvd's and watched most of the Duchess. Good flick. Then I got up this morning at 0930. Checked email, then did the laundry run, and then got ready and went to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the bike. Burn 640 cal or so and 4.3 miles or whatever. Read over 50 pages of my book. Then I came back, showered, and got ready, went to lunch and then work. I was at work earlier than normal. It was around 1215.

When I got there we had a comms lockdown but thankfully, the person did not die. They were seriously injured by an IED but he is still alive. It is very sad. He lost a leg. Needless to say, my Dad was super busy. I finished just after 1900 and went to supper and then walked home. I came online, chatted with Nadia for a bit on skype and then watched the film Happy Go Lucky. Super weird. It was good, but british so you know what I mean.

Just finished watching that, so now I am blogging and then I will probably watch an episode of criminal minds and then go to sleep.

Love Rae-Lynn

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