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Monday, June 15, 2009

16 June 0004

Had a long day, seems long at this point because I just got back form 2 hours of ramp ceremonies. We had a Canadian one followed by a british one. It was along time to be out there. There was a breeze which was nice but we were at attention for just under an hour for the british one.

Other than that, I was up at 0930ish. Went online for a bit and then got ready and headed to the gym. Had a good workout on the elliptical. Did 30 minutes at level 4. Was just under 3.0. Then had my 5 minute cool down. Almost 500 calories burnt. Had a really good sweat going.

Then I showered and smelled really good thanx to Leonie! Then got ready and went to lunch. Joined Roxie and Colin for lunch. Colin is a buddy from RMC. Was good and then went to work and had a very busy 6.5 hours. Was pretty much spent when I was done. Had supper and walked home. Then went online for a bit, chatted with Leonie, did some emails. Then at around 2140 took off for the ramp ceremonies. It is very very sad.

Now I am home and very tired so going to bed shortly.

Paul told me he was taking Logan for a canoe ride on Sunday. Mom H said that Logan was falling asleep in the canoe so Paul hurried home!! Too funny.

Happy 41st going out to my big bro Rob today the 16th!! Love ya.

Love Rae-Lynn

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