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Sunday, June 14, 2009

14 June 2211

I can't publish this till the comms lockdown is over but I thought I would get it ready.

Got up this morning too late since I was up till 0200 watching a movie. I also made some cards. I missed church but I made it to the gym. Had a great workout. I did 3.0 in 28:13. Finished off the 30 minute workout. Was really really good. Then I came back, showered and went to lunch. Had a great lunch and was very happy until I got in to work and found out that we lost another soldier. Was very very sad. Had a crazy busy shift as well and then professional development. After that I met up with the rest of the Air Wing HQ for our "weekly meal" out. It is a free meal. It was at burger king. I had the chicken sandwich and fries and an apple pie. Was pretty good. Then Colin and I did a laundry run. And then I came back to my room.

weather was crazy today. Was very windy. I got sand or something in my eye when I was walking to the washroom. Still bugging me a little right now. There was thunderstorms and wind. I was hoping for some rain. I think there was a tiny bit.

Love Rae-Lynn

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