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Saturday, June 20, 2009

20 June 2201

Today was an awesome day. I got up early at 0630 to have a video chat with Paul and Logan. It was awesome. Logan was so adorable. I said kiss Daddy and he started kissing and hugging Daddy. At the end of the call he was kissing the camera and laughing. Was so cute. We had a good chat then I went back to bed at 0730ish and got up at 0915 or so. Was gonna go grab a shower and get ready but Paul saw that was online and we had another chat. It was good. Then I showered, got dressed in my uniform, walked to Timmies, had a bagel and then walked to the Bazaar.

I returned the watch I bought last weekend that died the day I bought it and the replacement is awesome. I wore it all day and it is still working. At the market I bought Season 1-5 of Grey's Anatomy for $25, and then a 30 disk DVD set called the 81th Oscars!!! Here are the dvd's in the case: 1. The curious case of Benjamin Button, 2. milk, 3, the reader, 4. slumdog millionaire, 5. rachel getting married 6. The visitor, 7. Doubt, 8. Tropic thunder, 9. Frozen river, 10. The dark knight, 11. Vicky Cristina, 12. Bolt, 13. Kung Fu Panda, 14. Wall-E, 15. Der Baader-Meinhof, 16. okuribito, 17. Waltz with bashir, 18, hellboy II, 19. Iron Man, 20. Wanted, 21. Australia, 22. Changeling, 23. Revanche, 24. Man on wire. 25. Encounters at the end of the world. 26, The Duchess, 27. Happy Go lucky, 28, In bruges. 29. The wrestler, and 30. Defiance. Seemed like a good deal. I also got him to throw in Star Trek the future begins for Paul as well as the movie called The Hangover.

Last night I finished watching the movie "yes man" with Jim Carey that I started watching on my plane ride to Quebec while I was in Canada. It is too funny. I also bought Paul a surprise. It is cool and I hope he likes it.

Then I walked to work, had lunch and started my shift. Shift went well. I got tons of stuff done. Then Paul relieved me early at 1830 and I was able to eat my steak and a smokey and drink my 2 beer. The kokanee I found made me burpy but the Keith's went down really well. Then I walked home. After that I changed, and got dressed in my civies. I seat a ton today. It was ridiculous. I walked down to New Canada House for Bingo. I didn't win unfortunately. The Chief won twice, and then Roxie and Colin tied but Colin prevailed after the bingo off. All in all it was a millionaire day.

Tomorrow I have church and then hopefully will be able to talk to Paul for Father's Day otherwise will be monday morning which is saturday night for him. Hopefully will be able to talk to my Dad too.

Was really really hot here. I think it was 39 today!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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