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Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 June 2214

After my blog this morning I went to lunch and then into work. A bit of a gongshow for awhile today but oh well. Was a good shift. Then there was a meeting at 1900 that G3 wanted us to go thru. Technically only Sven had to go but I went with him for you info. Then I went to supper, and then laundry run. I was downloading my new version of norton cause mine expired. It downloaded for an hour and a half and now there are errors so I have to redownload. Very annoying. Weather was alright today. Had a bit of a breeze which was nice.

One of the MP's I work with gave me a $10 gift card for Timmies. They had received 2 each and he doesn't drink coffee. I don't either but I 'll use it. Was very nice of him.

Almost time for the market again this week. I will probably go for a bit on saturday before work.

Didn't make it to the gym today. Will go tomorrow morning. I was gonna go tonight but I thought that would screw up going tomorrow morning.

Mom H is going out to visit Paul and Logan too. Paul is a lucky guy. He will have lots of help with our precious little boy. Mom Just sent him a package which was very thoughtful of her!

Love Rae-Lynn

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