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Friday, June 26, 2009

26 JUNE 1954

Hey everyone

After I blogged this morning, I went to the gym. I did 69 minutes on the bike and burnt 1008 calories. 6.58 miles/kms not sure which one. Was good. Came back all sweaty. Was able to have a chat with Paul before I showered because he was online. He had a good time at the spouses of 407 BBQ. Apparently the associates from the mess ate most of the salmon which was supposed to be for the 407 party. Good times!! I was glad that Paul had a night out. Then I showered, and came back and got ready for work, went to lunch and then work. My friend Jose was at lunch so that was nice.

I can't believe that Michael Jackson died. Only 50, and he looked fit as well. Weird for a heart attack. Sucks for all those people that bought tickets to his concerts that were supposed to happen in London in July. Very sad about Farah Fawcett as well.

Work was good. I got alot of stuff done. I ran into one of the majors that I see around and he stopped me to ask about my nickname "Boots". He wanted to make sure it wasn't derogatory. I said it is fine. Told him the whole story about wainwright. Too funny.

Oh yeah, I was private chatting with someone and I accidentally typed a message that was supposed to be for them on the main ops channel so everyone saw it. It was so embarassing. Was nothing bad. I had said "Did you like Patti's email" and of course we have a big screen in our ops room that displays all of the ops messages. So this message came out and people were like, ummm G3 AVN etc, and I was like, I know disregard. So then I posted "disregard". Then I had to wait like 45 minutes for their to be enough messages after mine, that mine wouldn't be displayed anymore. Very embarassing. Was so hot out today. I was even sweating in the ops room.

Finished my shift at 1900 and then walked home, changed in to civies and went to supper. It was pretty good tonight. I had rib eye steak and rice.

Now I am home, doing my blog and then will maybe read or watch an episode of criminal minds. I am aiming to be in bed, lights off for 2100. I should be getting up at 0630 so that will be quite the change from my normal 0830-0930 ish. I tried getting up at 0700 today but couldn't get out of bed till after 0800.

Hopefully I will be able to drag my butt to the gym tomorrow after work, or I'll have to start getting up way earlier to go to the gym before breakfast. Not sure what is the best plan. We'll see I guess.

Love Rae-Lynn

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