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Sunday, June 7, 2009

7 June 1135 bonus blog

The videos I bought Logan are awesome. I am super stoked. Laurel will have to borrow some for her friday night movies with D so she doesn't have to watch Transformers so much. Hope to be sending them home soon.

I just got back from a wonderful workout at the gym. Worked my butt off. Finished my 3.0 (miles or km not sure) I am guessing km but the machine is in lbs etc and talks about mph so not sure. Anyways, did 3.0 in 28 minutes 47 seconds which was awesome. Ended up with a 34 minute workout and 3.4 and 475 calories burned. Was great.

Before that, I got up to my alarm at 0820 so I could go to church. Was great.

I remembered some stuff from yesterday that I found hilarious. When I was leaving the market these guys tried to sell me a burkha. I was like, what would I do with that. And they go "It's beautiful, It's wonderful thing". I was like, no way jose.

Super funny stuff.

Not sure if I mentioned that they are paving all of the roads here. It is really great and sure cuts down on the dust.

Also another note about Logan. Last night he was blowing me kisses during our video chat. It was awesome. Then he was trying to bite Daddy's laptop screen. Daddy didn't like it. I thought it was funny.

Hope everyone is well.

Love Rae-Lynn

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