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Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 JUNE 2207

Today was a wonderful day. It started out awesome chatting with Paul online this morning (last night for him) We had a great chat. Then I showered and was able to grab the bus to the bazaar (market). I didn't get there till 1100 so I didn't have much time. I was able to buy 153 Disney DVD collection for Logan. I am testing them all right now. Looks good so far. It was fun shopping at the market. Then I carried my heavy bags to work, dropped them off and then went to teat. After that I went to work. After work at 1910 I was walking home and a nice lady stopped and gave me a ride home and then we drove to the mess and ate supper together and then she drove me home after that. Her name is Hali and she is a new friend. She speaks like 6-7 languages. Her Dad was a general in one of the Scottish regiments. She is super cool and we will hang out again. I ended up sitting with a full bird colonel from the british army for a bit. Was super cool.

Then I went to do my laundry run and then from 2106-2136 I had a video chat with Paul and Logan and then till 2200 back in my room chatting with them. Logan is so adorable it is ridiculous. I heard him say Tikka and bye on the phone and Mommy of course. Paul said he also says ball, and wow. He is so precious. Paul is doing such a wonderful job. Probably better than I would do rolls reversed. He is keeping the house clean, washing floors. My hero!!!

I am looking forward to seeing them in August. Now I am checking my DVD's over and then going to bed. I have church at 0900 tomorrow, then the gym hopefully and then work.

Apparently the massage place won't be opening again. Hopefully we will at least get another hair/waxing/spa type. There will be no more massages on Kaf though.


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