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Monday, June 1, 2009


Heard Sven this morning getting up even though he was quiet. Got up to go to the washroom at 0600 and then stayed up playing on the internet. Had a nice chat with Leonie and then Gill. Was cool.

I figured out how to download UTUBE videos which was awesome. Now I can download my scrapbooking videos and card making videos and work on them here. The internet connection is too slow to try to watch the videos online in real time. Very choppy.

Tried to sleep between 0900 and 1000 but couldn't. Showered at 1120 and then got dressed and headed to eat for 1200 and then work for 1230. Was a super busy shift. It was awesome. I got so much accomplished. I actually found I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted. I am like the last batter that cleans everything up. I had to sort out alot of stuff. Today was one of those days. Was great though. There was ice cream in the freezer too so I had a twix ice cream stick. Was awesome.

One of the guys I work with gave me a nickname but he's the only one that calls me it. It is "boots" because of when I had the blisters on maple guardian and I had to wear running shoes. They all thought it was soooo funny. It did look ridiculous wearing running shoes and cadpat. I do have to agree. So now he calls me "Boots".

After my shift, I ran into Dave. He has a vehicle. He let me borrow it so I could run home, grab the stuff I wanted to mail to Paul and then drive to the post office and then back home and park it near his room. He must have walked home. Was awesome. Speed limit is 20km/hr. The windows are tinted so also very hard to see, especially with the dust. Got a package mailed off to Paul. Cost me $23. I hope it gets there soon. I have some stuff in there for him to give to Mom H when she comes to visit as well as some stuff to send home to Manitoba with my Dad after his visit.

Then I went to the mess and had supper and then came home and have been on the computer for an hour already.

I am probably going to go to the gym before I go to bed and then shower and go to bed.

I am loving how I rearranged my room. I'll have to take a pic. It looks better than before.

My neck and back were sore after my shift since I was working so hard. I didn't take any breaks.

I am starting to find that 1-2 people create a ton of work for us. They ask us to book person x on route y and then cancel. Or we do a special route for them and then they submit change after change after change. One of the people, is very annoying. I am trying to be understanding because he is French and english is his second language but he is tired of sending emails which we need for tracking purposes so he will call me with every little thing instead of sending an email. It is frustrating. I sent out a simple email on a new procedure stating that we need the names of the pax No later than (NLT) 0530 3 days before the day of the mission. He called me to ask for clarification and then basically just repeated it to me. Like "so what does that mean when you say : No later than (NLT) 0530 3 days before the day of the mission. Does that mean that you want us to send you our requests 3 days before the mission at the latest. Yes that is what I mean.

anywho, I think I will start writing to him in french and then maybe it will make it easier. Or I will put both translations.

Can't wait till my back massage on thursday morning.


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