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Sunday, June 28, 2009

28 JUNE 2008

Had a wonderful day today. I was up at 0630, had a quick shower, then got dressed and headed to breakfast and then work. Once again I was really good and ate alpen cereal and then some mandarin oranges. Headed in to work and a very busy yet very productive day. It was great. Finished at 1555 and walked home in the blistering heat. It is really really hot here. I burn my hand on that doorknob I mentioned yesterday. I walked home and changed in to my workout clothes and then headed to the gym. I did 54 minutes on the bike and read my book. Getting quite close to the end. I burned 814 calories then I had a quick 30 second shower. I just wet my hair instead of washing it cause I wash it in the mornings. Then I came back and got ready to go to our Air Wing sunday night supper. Tonight it was at the Kebab house. I had the chicken finger with curly fries meal. It was alright. We got our "free" meals and carried them to where old canada house used to be. It burnt down last saturday but we sat on the patio and ate supper and chatted. Was a good turnout. 8 of us I believe. Finished up at 1930 or so I guess. Something like that and came back here. Our professional development was moved till tomorrow night at 1900. So that was nice.

Now I am checking my email. I hope Paul will come on so we can have a video chat but other than that, may watch a movie and then go to sleep.

Love Rae-Lynn

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