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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 June 1218

Sorry no post yesterday. There was a comms lockdown so unnecessary communication with home is discouraged. I had to respect the order. It was lifted last night but I didn't find out till I got to work today. Was a sad day yesterday. RIP.

Had a video chat with Paul in the morning and then my internet went down coincidentally with the lockdown. Was lazy and didn't make it to the gym. Had a busy shift as per above.

Went home and then surfed the net but was unable to email or chat with people. I made a cool box with my scrapbooking stuff based on a post by Dawn. Was awesome.

Got up this morning at 0900 and surfed the net a bit. Then I went to the gym and had a good work out. I did the fat burn workout on the elliptical where I had to keep my heart rate at 125 or so. Ended up being a 35 minute workout 2.45 and 402 calories. Wasn't tiring because I didn't go fast. I have to do some research. I always thought the hard core cardio workouts were the best option but maybe not.

Showered and then came in to work. Starting in 8 minutes.

Please pray for the family of the fallen soldier.


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