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Friday, June 19, 2009

19 JUNE 2024

Had a pretty good day today.

Set my alarm for 0800 but couldn't get up till 0845. Not sure what my problem is. Got up, checked my emails, did the laundry exchange, then did some more internet and then went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the bike. When I use the bike I take a book and read and then I don't get so bored. Then I had a shower, got dressed and went to lunch and then work. None of my friends were at the mess so I sat by myself. Then I went to work and had a busy time. I made a couple mistakes on the conop from the day before which wasn't a big deal because the users weren't confused but Patti and Sven were. I must have been really tired. Had fun and worked hard, was good. Then there was bbq after work so I popped in to eat there and then walked home. I was looking around for a 1 TB hard drive because I heard they had some here. I had bought 2 500 GB hard drives at Christmas time on sale for Paul and I but he told me he didn't want his so i returned it to staples. I talked to him the other day and now he wants it since he is out of storage space on his laptop. I just ordered him one off of future shop.ca He can pick it up in Courtenay. I will also get him to ship me mine so that I can use it over here.

Tomorrow is going to be super awesome. I will get up early and maybe chat with Paul and Logan, and then go to the bazaar. I have to return a watch I bought last weekend that doesn't seem to be working. Then I will go to work and then there will be a bbq at 1700 so I will sneak out and eat, then finish my shift and then drink my 2 beers and then go to BINGO at New Canada House. I am very excited.

No packages today but I checked the status of Paul's package and it is in Courtenay so I hope he gets it today otherwise will probably be monday.

Love Rae-Lynn

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