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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 June 2131

Had a long day...

I got up at 0930 or so. Was 1035 before I dragged my butt to the gym. Had a great 35 minute workout. 3.35 or so and 480 calories. Was good. Was on the elliptical. Then I came back and got my stuff to go to the shower. There was no hot water but it was very refreshing!!!!

Then I got ready and headed to lunch and then to work. Was a busy shift. I was done at 1900 but we were supposed to have a brief at 1900 and then we found out that the brief was at 1930 so I went to eat at the mess. Had Supper with Colin, another guy, Darrin and our G3. Was good. There was ribs tonight!!! Then we went back to work for the 1930 brief which didn't end up happening till around 2035 or 2040. It was 2055 before I even got back to my room so too late to go and get my laundry. will have to do that in the morning. CAme home, changed out of my boots and uniform and now I am online.

A few more people have started to call me boots besides Andrew. Too funny.

An idea for Professional development that I came up with is panning out. So that is cool.

Last night I watched a couple episodes of criminal minds so that was cool. I love that show!

Apparently there has been a theft in our tent lines so I will have to make sure that I am locking up all my stuff. i have been leaving my laptop out so I'll make sure to lock it up from now on. Another 10 days or so maybe a few more and then I will be half way to my HLTA trip with Paul and Logan. I am really looking forward to that! Logan is changing so much and I know how much Paul is looking forward to the trip. It will be a nice family vacation.

Love Rae-Lynn

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