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Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 June 2146

Had a good day. I got up and was able to chat with Paul online for about an hour so that was nice. Then I got ready and walked down to the bazaar/market. I stopped at Timmies on the way for a bagel. I got to the market at about 1030 and was there until around 1155. I bought Logan a couple of keychains with dead insects inside the glass and some rattlesnake eggs. you throw them in the air, they are magnet and they make noises. I also traded in his non-working gullivers travels for the disney movie UP. I also managed to buy a mask for my collection. Got it for $5. I picked up a laptop cooler fan system for Paul for $10 since his laptop keeps overheating. Will hopefully be sending him another package this week.

Smelled really good after my shower this morning with the shampoo/conditioner Leonie sent. I also love the smell of the Good Night set she sent me. It smells sooo good. i put on the sleep handcream and the pillow spray last night!! sooooo good.

After work I walked home and then changed and went to supper. Then i waited around for my video chat with Paul and Logan. When they came on, I ran over to the computers and there was a line so I had to wait. Then we had our video chat. Logan was smiling as soon as he saw me. Was sooooo cute. He was running around. He always steals the headset from Dad and wants to play with it. Paul says he has grown 5/16 of an inch since his last measurement! He looked taller and older on the screen. It is nice he gets to see me every week so he doesn't forget me!!!

I have lost around 16.5 lbs since I got here. I had a pair of pants that I bought in Ontario at the boxing week specials and they were getting tight when i left home but now there is lots of room. My uniform is getting really baggy too!!

Gonna sign off and do some cardmaking and maybe watch a movie.


can see a video of me here. only 11 seconds. Password is my maiden name.

Love Rae-Lynn

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