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Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 June 2225 Day 52

Today was a pretty good day. I tried to get up at 0800 but didn't manage to crawl out of bed till 0830. I was able to chat a little with Paul online at around 2200 his time and a little later. Works well when he talks and I type so I can hear his voice. Not sure what all I did this morning at this point!! I did go to the gym. I did 35 minutes on the bike. Was good. 3.34 or something and 450 calories. I read the cosmo Leonie sent me as I biked. Time flew for my ADD mind! Then I did 6 pushups and 45 crunches, not in a row, with breaks because I suck at them. Will be sore tomorrow. Then I came back, had a shower, and then went to lunch. Ended up eating lunch with the wing commander, wing chief, my friend the EA to the wing commander Colin, and Roxie. On my way to work I saw a sign saying there was bingo at new canada house on saturday night so I am super stoked about that. I can't wait!!! Saturday night is a bbq after work, my 2 beers and then the bingo!!! will be great. Work was busy as per normal and it was pizza night so for $1 I got a pepperoni pizza. Was delicious. Too good actually. Came home after work, changed and then walked down to the beach volleyball court to play a little. I played for 20 minutes or so but it isn't well lit enough so I felt like a tard. I couldn't see the ball soon enough to play properly. So I left and came home. I downloaded windows live mail all day because my outlook express has been annoying. It was 136 MB or something so it took a long time.

I fixed something on our G3's computer so he said I could have yesterday off!! was funny. I asked for an immediate promotion to major!! He said, it'll come!! lol.

Day 52 done, and I see Paul and Logan on Day 120 so quite a bit more to go!!!

Saturday will be a good long busy day. I will have the market in the morning, then work, then bbq, then BINGO. $10 to play.

There is a half BFT going on here on Sunday in memory of a soldier who passed away. You don't have to carry the ruck sack, just ballistic vest, helmet, and rifle. It is at 0600 but I don't think I want to do it. I hate marching and army BFT's etc. I'll stick with my routine.

Ran into Kyle briefly tonight. I have only seen him once since I have been here. He is a busy boy. He works 13-14 hours a day. Only has time to work, work out and sleep.

Love Rae-Lynn

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