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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24 June 2157

Great news!! I hit my first goal for my weight loss. I am down 18.5 lbs today. I can't believe I am saying it on here but I was 200 Lbs this morning. Yes I was 218.5. I know, that's alot. Oh well. I am doing good. My next goal will be 190lbs and I will go in 10 lb increments until I am happy!! I did 46 minutes today on the elliptical and burnt 646 cals or something like that.

I was up at 0900 this morning which enabled me to have a chat with my hubby this morning. It was great. Our son is quite the character. Paul said they were outside and Logan had on his diaper, a t-shirt and running shoes, and the cloth diaper fell off. Paul got pics, can't wait to see them. Apparently Logan didn't mind being naked. Also, Tikka got out some how of the backyard and met Paul at the car when he got home from work. Someone felt bad for Tikka and gave him a container of water on the porch.

After our chat I went to the gym. I did 46 minutes today on the elliptical and burnt 646 cals or something like that. Was good. Came home, showered, and went to lunch and then work.

Work was entertaining as always. Lots of crazy stuff happened. Then I found out that I got a huge package today. Turns out, I got 2 packages. I got one from the Military Family Resource centre in Comox. They sent: a pack of cards, a neck cooler (this will be awesome), a "scrapbooking kit", a pack of gum, a pepperoni stick, a couple pax of crystal lite, a comb, canadian national geographic magazine, air freshener, frisbee, playing cards, tic tac toe, hand wipes and some pieces of paper, and the totem times dated june 2, 2009.

I also got a huge package of junk food from Paul. Maybe he doesn't want me to lose weight. He sent me like 20 little bags ofchips, a package of peach slices, dill pickle spitz, a box of poptarts, a soap opera mag, Crafts and things mag, 225 cards and gifts mag, and a container of gatorade mix.

I also received a letter from Grandma Edith!

Was wonderful to get packages today!!! I had to borrow Dave's vehicle to drive home today because the packages were so huge and awkward. Patti also got 2 packages and they were heavy as well so I brought those back for her. Paul from work also got a package from his hubby yet again!!!

I wonder how hard it will be for me to get up at 0630 once my day shifts start??? Will probably be too tired to even go to the gym after work so I will have to force myself.

Love Rae-Lynn

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