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Sunday, June 7, 2009

7 June 2304

Had a great day. Not much to say since I blogged this morning.

Had a sandwich and a salad for lunch. Work was busy as per normal. Someone bought me a chicken sandwich and fries from burger king to say thank you for me helping them out yesterday. Was cool.

Had to stay at work late for PD. Didn't get out of there till 1955. PD was interesting though.

Came home, went to the bX to buy some gum, and then hung out at home and checked some more dvd's. I have only found one so far that doesn't work properly. It is gulliver's travels. I shall see what they do about it at the market/bazaar next week. I have only checked about 60 dvd so far. It takes a long time. I am very excited for Logan. I think he will love them.

We have a bbq on the 21st that I think I will finally be able to make it to to have my 2 beer. It starts at 1800 but I won't get there till after 1900 though.

Have to set my alarm to get up just before 0630 to have my video chat with Paul and Logan. I prefer them at night but Paul wanted one on sunday night for him so I will get up and go. I love seeing them.

Love Rae-Lynn

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